My name is Netta, which means "sapling" in Hebrew.

I'm a painter, illustrator, and animator.

I live in Israel, in a village called Givát Ada.

I fly gliders, travel around the country, and then share my experiences with you thru my art.

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Solo Exhibitions

2021, Taking a Walk - Wild vs. Manmade Landscapes, Givat Ada Library, Israel

2011, Burning of the Dead, Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv Israel (installation)

2009, Claustrophobia, Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (installation)

Group Exhibitions

2021, Nature, Environment and Sustainability in Contemporary Israeli Art, Bat Yam Art Institute, Israel.

2012, Self Portrait, (Title of my work - Half a Tree), Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel



The Ben Gurion University of the Negev – two commissioned portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Zlotowski.


1999-2003: Animation, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

1996  Art in the Technological Era, Open University course, Tel Aviv, Israel

1982-1994: Be'er Sheva Youth Art Center, Multiple courses, Be'er Sheva, Israel

Megiddo Glider Port

Man-made Landscapes and Gliders

In my work I explore themes that reflect different aspects of my life:

I study the manmade landscapes surrounding my village, and their coexistence/conflict with the ancient wilderness that has become entwined with them.

I also create art about flying in gliders,

fantastic imagination and science fiction,


and thru my commercial work, education, technology, science, and innovation.

As an animator, movement is often an important part of my designs.


All these things have one thing in common: they are in my life.

My work, my real work, is the artistic expression that ties them all into one mosaic of human experience, that I can share with other people in this way.


From age 6 to 18, I was a regular in the Be'er Sheva Youth Art Center where I've studied all techniques and materials from an incredible group of teachers.

Since then I've gone thru:

Teenage sci-fi and fantasy artist, portrait artist, industrial chemist, soldier, an art student at Bezalel Art Academy, professional animator, glider pilot, animator on kids tv shows, animation and illustration college teacher, animation for businesses and startup companies in every field imaginable, website builder, flight instructor, partner, and Plein air painter, which lead to my main interest today, painting the local landscapes and the interactions between manmade and wild nature.

Dani Karavan (Israeli Sculptor)

I grew up in his creations.

As a small child, I played in the Negev Brigade Memorial, not knowing what it meant, only realizing on a very basic level that someone, a person, an artist, has created this experience for me.


Ever since then, that is what I understand art to be: Creating an experience for people.


Two of my three gallery exhibitions were installations in which the viewers could become active participants.


On a larger scale than Karavan's, it took me a while to realize that I live as a part of a large piece of human creation.

Israel is one of the most "man-made" countries on Earth.

8,000 years of human civilization has left all sorts of marks on this land.

Here are mounds of artwork from all ages. Remains of great cities and travel stations that formed a junction of continents, peoples, and ideas.

Israel is filled with stories that fire the human soul.


When I look down at Tel Megiddo, Armageddon, from my glider, when I go there and paint the excavation and learn more and more about it, I feel connected to a line of artists that goes all the way back to the hunter-gatherers who first built a shrine there, carving animal figures into the stones.

Flying Gliders

Flying has given me a different perspective of the world, literally, politically, and metaphorically.

Soaring is a unique type of flying. Without an engine, you are deeply dependent on the ground over which you fly, and its interactions with sunlight, wind, and water.

Glider pilots must be accomplished meteorologists and understand geography and agriculture. We fly with the birds and have a first-row seat to witness climate change.


In Israel, the airspace is also tightly bound by the political reality of the region.

That is what my first installation in Gross Gallery was about: It was a wing of a glider circling in a confined room.

The work was titled "Claustrophobia", which is what I felt when I learned how restricted our airspace is.


Monet and Caillebotte:

For my 40th birthday, I received a book called "Impressionists on the Water", and it truly inspired me to augment the (very) different parts of my life thru my art.

Quite a few of the impressionists were avid boaters, and they painted all aspects of the boating life. This inspired me to do the same with gliding.


In 2019 I participated in the internet Inktober challenge. I drew the entire series depicting life at the gliding club, and the experiences of this unique sport.


Here is the link to my website where you can see all 31 drawings:

Here are some of the glider artworks I've produced, in different techniques and styles.

I feel I've only just begun to explore this theme, so stay tuned!


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