Sunset at Megiddo Airfield

Small gouache painting on cotton paper.


At the end of a good day of soaring, after all the gliders are back at the hangar, we sit outside the clubhouse with a cup of coffee and enjoy the peace.

The air over Jezreel valley turns to pink, then gold, softening the familiar silhouette of Mt. Tabor until it melts into the horizon.


On the left are the mountains of Nazareth, and closer to us the old hangar stands brightly against the dark Eucalyptus trees that surround the airfield.

Sunset at Megiddo Airfield

    • Size A5
    • 300gr paper, 100% cotton Fabriano
    • Gouache only
    • Not varnished, as the chalky matt finish contributes significantly to the soft color scheme.
    • Unframed