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Taking a Walk: A Series of Local Landscapes, Givat Ada

Limited Wilderness

When I moved to the country from the big city, I started taking a walk around the village every day or so.

Much was new to me, some of it strange, always interesting, and heartwarming.


The landscape around the village fascinates me. It's a mix of ancient wilderness and man-made agricultural landscape.

They are deeply entangled. Sometimes Man wins. Sometimes Nature.


Trees grow from inside the supporting walls of the houses as if saying "we were here first".

The ancient winepresses deep in the oak forest seem to say: "humans have lived here for a long, long time."


The checkered landscape is pleasant to the eye because it is on a human scale.

No great mountains here but rather soft, rolling hills.

The colorful trees and flower-carpets mark the changing of the seasons.

In this art show, I've painted the things I've seen during these walks: The Nasturtiums growing in the garden, the great tree that has a corner cut out of it so cars can pass underneath, the olive tree nursery embedded in a thorny forest, and more.

I thank the Giv'at Ada Local Library for the opportunity to show this particular group of works because I'm sure that the people who live here will recognize the places I've painted, even if I've taken some artistic license with them.

The works in this exhibition were created during 2019-2021.
They were presented at the local library between July and October of 2021.
Most of the Plein air paintings were done in 2019, most of the studio work during the Covid lockdowns of 2020-2021.


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