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Local Art Project: 100 Paintings of Binyamina

In honor of Binyamina's centenary, painter Netta Canfi and curator Moti Harari set out to create and paint for you and your homes one hundred works of the town Binyamina, in the hope of containing on paper with oil paints, the "spirit of the place" as perceived in your eyes through the changing perspective of time and the passing of the years.

In this artistic project, Harari and Canfi, residents of Binyamina and neighboring Givat Ada, attempt to merge a rooted local work with a guest painting from a passing visitor who does not "stay on the spot".

100 Starts

By Moti Harari

The combination of these concepts, the permanent and the changing, creates works of art with an original look that expresses Binyamina through the eyes of the local resident who watches, even unconsciously, the passing time above/within his living environment and the guest-visitor who looks at the place with a different rhythm and romanticism.

The oil works on paper, in a small format, present the place in a self-evident view that is sometimes charged (to the resident who lives here), and at the same time is the interpretation of the outsider, who comes and sees the corners and houses of the colony in an individual way.

The curator and the painter thereby create "colony pictures" that present Binyamina in a rich, pleasant way, but with many artistic aspects and a layered meaning.

Has time stood still here, or has progress entered? Is the object a reminder of a bygone atmosphere or is a contemporary community taking shape here? Is the view of the street real estate or nostalgic? Will the facade, the "house by the tracks" remain the same or experience a change?

Each and every one looks at Binyamina through their own "picture".

Netta and Moti go outside. The paintings are done in the field, on the spot, in oil paints and within a given time limit in order to capture in each painting a particular moment, light, effect, or look with the momentary freshness of a first impression.

The residents (all of you) are invited to follow the series, and suggest hidden places and corners, and above all - to tell yourselves through the commissioned painting about the one tree that is kept in your heart, about a piece of landscape that peeks between your houses and always makes you happy, and also... about the street corner that has no meaning other than for someone who has lived in it all his life, it is for him "Binyamina".

We will be happy to collect and curate the stories and places in your heart, to come to you to paint "and stop time" for you with an oil on paper picture (at an inexpensive price) and thus to commemorate in a work of art the
"Your place" in the past and in the present, for another hundred years!

Order your painting

binymina old hut plein air oil painting

How to participate:

You are invited to suggest hidden favorite places and corners, about the one tree that is kept in your heart, about a piece of landscape that peeks out between the houses and it always makes you happy, and also about the street corner that has no meaning except for those who have lived there all their lives and it is for you "Benima".

We will draw it for you.
The commissioned work will be in oil colors on special cotton paper. (Fabriano) and includes a frame.
It will be a creation only for you and for you.

Pick a size:

15*21 cm (A5), 400NIS

21*30 cm (A4), 800NIS

30*42 cm (A3), 1,200NIS

The painting will be done in front of your house or in front of the place you suggest.

The collaboration between the artist and the curator, when going out into the field, between the light and the object (just like an impressionist painting) presents a personal and historical effect on the one hand, and a realistic and contemporary effect on the other.

We come to you and capture in a painting what you see and feel, thus giving you a souvenir for another 100 years!

To coordinate and order
Moti 0528454445
Netta 0544644512

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