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Art Show at the Burge, Binyamina

Whenever we leave our house each morning, or return at night, how many times do we stop for a moment to look around as if it's our first time there?
Study the Cypress at the bend in the road as if we've never seen it,

listen in wonder to the sounds of the morning,

marvel at the pile of fallen oak leaves in the corner of the yard?

Netta Canfi captures all of these matter-of-fact sights with her eyes and her paint brush, uncovering something new about them and showing it to us.

She sees half-trees, giant lollypops in plastic-net covered trees, parts of memories and the origins of mysterious ways. 

The wild and the cultivated, the natural and the man-made, what's covered and revealed - all come together in Netta's paintings of local landscapes.

Netta Canfi is a multi-media artist, illustrator and animator.

She teaches art classes and flying in gliders.

Curator: Nili Sessler


Burj, Binyamina

Directions and information


Opening hours: 

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

Art work is for sale, please click the image for details

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