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Rekab by Netta


Short-handle, Quality Bristle and Synthetic Artist's Brushes

Dear fellow painters!
I'm so happy to present my collaboration with Rekab, fine art brush makers since 1914, in making a quality travel brush set.


For Plein air painters this was a long time coming:
Finally, here is the No 12 bristle brush you always wanted, and it's only 9.7 inches long! 

5 Piece Hog Bristle Brush Set

In this set:

  • Flat no.12

  • Flat no.8

  • Long Filbert no.6

  • Round no.3

  • Round no.0

Recommended for oil paints and acrylics.

Suitable for heavy paint.

5 Piece Synthetic Taklon Brush Set

Short-handle Synthetic Artist Brushes

In this set:

  • Flat no.20

  • Angular no.8

  • Filbert no.8

  • Round no.6

  • Round no.0

Recommended for Gouache.

Great for detail work in oils and acrylic.


Making These Brushes

...was a bit of a journey :)

I started painting outdoors a few years ago, and good equipment was hard to find.

Quality short handle brushes were non-existent. 

The long handle paint brushes required a larger box, and all the gear was getting too large and heavy for my petite frame.

The Short Handle Challenge

Now, I have made a good connection with Rekab Brushes some years ago, and on one of my trips to their workshop I asked them if they could make short handle brushes.

This turned out to be a challenge - especially the no.12 bristle, but they took it on!

A few months later, we are proud to present to you two travel brush sets, Rekab by Netta, for artists on the go who need a serious brush that can fit into a 10 inch pochade box!

I hope you will find these delightful to paint with <3

How to Order Your Set

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If you live in Israel,
you can order your sets from the Store Page directly,

or by filling the form below, and I will contact you to complete the purchase by phone, email or WhatsApp (your choice).

If you are outside of Israel,

You can also order them through my eBay shop - Cloud Base Art, and enjoy the ease and protection eBay provides for online shopping.

short handle bristle brushes

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Hog Bristle 5 piece set

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Short-handle Synthetic Artist Brushes

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Synthetic 5 piece set

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