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Strada Easel Daily Drawing Challenge January 2024

2024-01-09 14.17.36-6.jpg

I took up this daily drawing/painting challenge to get myself back to work after the terrible events of October 7th. 

During this month I made the weekly trip to the Dead Sea hotels to work with the kids there, got sick twice, and it was one of the wettest winters in Israeli history. 

Despite all that I found painting or drawing every day easy. Maybe it was the sheer will to do my work again, or some kind of inner defiance in face of this harsh reality. 

What ever it was, I carved out the time and energy to paint or draw every day, from half an hour pencil drawings on the busiest days and up to 3 hour sessions painting out doors with fellow artists in the breathtaking landscapes around the Dead Sea.

Big thanks to Lisa Krieg, Avihai Perry, Lena U Dreier, Marina and the wonderful people of Neot Hakikar, who gave me a home away from home during this challenging time.

You can see more pics of the places and objects on instagram.

Here's the full gallery, including a warm up painting from my balcony, and some of the plein air painting gear I took with me:

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