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A New Gallery at the Renovated Founders House in Binyamina

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The opening of a new gallery is always a celebration, and especially one that is dedicated to a local work, and in beautiful context.

About two months ago, the renovated Founders House was inaugurated in Binyamina, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

I particularly liked the idea of ​​placing the gallery in the museum:

The tour begins in chronological order, in a room that simulates the original train station platform, and progresses through the museum rooms on the timeline in order.

The museum has a variety of experiences for all the senses. I really liked the beautiful drawers with scent samples of the lavender perfume that was once produced in the colony.

The entire museum encourages visitors to touch, operate, see, hear, open drawers and discover secret corners.

The conservation work is wonderful, and has revealed wall paintings that were hidden for many years, decorated floors tiles and high ceilings.

The conservators dedicated the last room of the visit to the gallery: it represents today's Binyamina, in an exhibition that changes every two months of contemporary local art.

Chudakov House

The visitor center was established in the home of the Chodakov family, one of the first settlers of the colony.

Menachem Mendel, a soap manufacturer who became a farmer, lived there with his wife Hana and their daughters Raya and Sonia.

During his lifetime, he requested that after the death of his family, the house be transferred to the council, for the purpose of commemorating the beginning of the settlement.

For 25 years it was used as a "Beit Rishonim", and in 2016 it was decided to renovate and preserve the house and turn it into a heritage center.

In my opinion, this is a small and very successful museum, a really excellent bonbonnière.

Groups are invited to schedule a guided visit.

Location: 53-57 Carmel Street, Binyamina.

Walking distance from the train station, free parking on site.

For details and contact: Beit Yamey Binyamina

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