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New Exhibition at Migdal Alon, Tel Aviv

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Noya - original Israeli art presents me!

"Supplement Planting" Solo exhibition at Migdal Alon, Tel Aviv.

In the lobby of Tower 2, 06.11.22-09.10.22

Come and see!

And this is the story of the exhibition:

The theme painting of the exhibition, "Supplement Planting", brings together the story of the series of paintings presented here:

This is study of the tension between wild nature and Man, who shapes nature as he wishes for different purposes, either by design or by accident.

On walks around my village of Givat Ada, on car trips and glider flights around the country, I see that many of the landscapes in Israel are man-made.

The agricultural area around the village is entirely at the service of man: the trees are designed so that they are convenient for handling and picking and in a form that yields the most fruit. It took me a while to realize that this is not the natural form of pomegranate, nectarine or apple trees.

The protective nets in which the farmers wrap the trees fascinate me. They give them a surreal, intriguing, mysterious form.

At the edge of the agricultural area there is an ancient reserve of oaks and cyclamens. We didn't leave it as it is either: it is full of paths for pedestrians and bicycles, greenhouses and nurseries are hidden in it, and in the clearings, the children from the Forest Class plant additional trees, supplementing the wild forest. Young oak saplings protected by plastic sleeves complete the tangled forest right up to the edge of the settlement.

In other places, nature takes over again what we destroyed.

Sometimes there is only a small island of something wild left in the middle of a busy road.

The nasturtium flowers shine out of the gloom in the corner of the garden. They are surely sown and watered and nurtured, and still they are a wild plant that will take over the whole garden if we let it. They are just so beautiful! I paint them like an endless colorful carpet, completely ignoring the laundry hanging above them.

The dancing eucalyptus in "Red South" is sculpted into short arcs by the wind and the sun but cut by humans who remove the dangerous parts from it.

In the paintings, I try to show moments from the fierce struggle between the conflicting goals of conservation and use of nature, and invite the viewer to stop for a moment and see the beauty and strangeness that is created from the tension between them.

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