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100-Starts Painting Challenge

I have pledged to do One Hundred Starts of Plein air paintings.

Plein air painting set up in a wild field under a billboard sign
roughing it out!

I got this challenge idea from Kevin Macpherson's book, Fill Your Paintings with Light & Color.

The exercise is to go out with all your gear, and give yourself 30 minutes to cover the whole canvas with properly related color shapes. Create a simple, flat shape studies with no detail.

Well, this is hard for me! Which is why I do it LOL.

I decided to keep it simple indeed, stay close to home so as to cut the excuses of having to drive somewhere. I have all the challenge I need just outside my door here:

I've already done two:

Each was done in 30 minutes and then I stopped:

No. 1

Oil on Paper painting of a peach orchard in full bloom, pink flowers under a white net
#1 Orchard in full bloom under a net

No. 2

Oil Painting on paper painted outdoors, of a house and trees in sunset
#2 View of Binyamina


Follow me on Instagram and on my FB page to see the challenge progress!

I'll post summaries here every week, too, so you don't miss out.

These sketches are available,

Please contact me if you would like to purchase one.

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