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100 Starts Update: 20-4-23

expressionism style sunset painting of a pink tree blossom

Hi neighbors and friends :) Friends and neighbors :)

The weather cooperated a little more, and I painted five paintings this week, which depending on the circumstances reached different levels of finish.

That's part of the challenge and the grace of painting outdoors.

I sometimes chase a moment of illumination, and this morning, I started a painting in an apple orchard and had to quickly fold up when an agricultural machine approached the row I was standing in... you can see how far I got with the painting.

Which I will surely continue, either in the studio, or I will go out to the same place again.

Some of the paintings I continue in the studio, like the field paintings from Sunday, and sometimes, like the painting up here, I feel that the rush of quick paint application has captured the moment and I shouldn't touch it anymore.

In any case, I share with you the process as it is.

All the new paintings in the gallery here on the website: click here

And most importantly: you! An updated list of names of all patrons and supporters: thank you very much!

You can follow daily on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to purchase one of the paintings in the series or order a painting in particular, you can contact me directly or order through the store on the website.

I would be happy if you would come and say hello if you see me on the side of the path, and please share with other people who love the landscape here for all its colors and shades.

See you!


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