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5-15-23 Update: One Hundred Paintings of Giv'at Ada

Updated: May 17, 2023

Oil painting on canvas, Israeli landscape with wheat stalks at sunset

Hi neighbors and friends!

Three interesting weeks have passed since I last updated on the project.

The weather drove me crazy, creating wonderful scenes, some of which could be painted, some of which could only be photographed quickly before it disappeared, and some of which drove me inside the studio.

There was a short war. Ever since I taught in Sapir College with missiles falling during classes, these reports make me draw myself inwards and paint at night until it passes. Even if I'm far from there now, my family is still southern and lives there and it affects me.

In more beautiful news, I did some paintings in the Binyamina project which is now getting into gear. The start-up took me time and attention so the hill paintings had to wait a few days until I found a way to work efficiently and sanely on both of them - I apologize to you!

I am now back to painting every day, as you may have seen on Facebook and Instagram.

I am doing the Binyamina project in collaboration with curator Moti Harari - Come see All the details here!

We've reached 20 paintings!

As the series progresses, I discover that there are works that come out easily and I finish them in the field within an hour and a half or so, some require another layer or corrections in the studio, and some require returning to the same place more than once to resolve.

Because I was painting in the studio lately, I also painted from photos. In the case of the old lanterns, this was required anyway, because they do not exist anymore.

I think that for historical paintings it is okay to combine painting from direct observation with photo references.

But I do all the beginnings in the field from observation. It gives the paintings an energy and feeling that you will never get from a copy of a photograph.

Here is a compilation of all the new paintings since the last update:

A landscape painting of Givat Ada fields at sunset with old lanterns. Oil on canvas, planted wings
I saw this lighting in the field, but I wanted to paint the scene with the old lanterns. I added them according to pictures from two years ago. *Sold

Israeli landscape painting, covered tree plantation
Mirit told me about this place and I went to check it out. I am enchanted by the shapes of the covered trees. I started in the field but a noisy agricultural machine advanced towards me and I quickly folded my gear and left. Finished the studio.

Israeli landscape painting, oil on canvas, planting wings, wheat field at sunset
There is no doubt that the daily walk is my main source of inspiration. That day I saw those cubes in the field, with the purple shadows on the golden wheat. The world's most beautiful sight.

Cypress landscape painting on a pink and orange sunset background, Neta Knafi
I drew this painting before the series officially started. I guess it was part of the subliminal engine warm-up toward the project. Anyway, it was specially requested, and got officially added to the series. *Sold

Oil painting with an impressive texture
Sometimes I sit drinking coffee on the entrance step to the studio. From this height, you will see a tunnel of a layered landscape, which reaches up all the way to the opposite hill. It's a small drawing but I want to draw it big, with all the details!

plein air painting
Another painting from the doorway of the house on a rainy day, which only towards sunset cleared into this beautiful sight. A tiny drawing, drawn live, fast.

All the new paintings are also in the gallery here on the website: click here

And most importantly: you! An updated list of names of all patrons and supporters: thank you very much!

A reminder that you can follow on a daily basis on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to purchase one of the paintings in the series or commission a painting of your favorite spot, you can contact me directly or order through the store on the website.


I have to look for a new studio and a place to live. I really want to stay here in Givat Ada! Maybe you know a suitable place?

I need at least one spacious room to work in, and another place to sleep, a kitchen, etc.

I would appreciate any information or link.

I'll stay in the area either way, and this project continues as usual!

See you in the fields!


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