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The Brushes are Here!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

I'm so excited to share with you my collaboration with Rekab, art-brush makers since 1914:

Short handle artist grade painting brushes, for Plein air painting and whenever you need to travel with your art gear.

The longest brush in this set is only 9.7 inches long!

Short Handle Brushes for Plein air Painting

Are you lugging all your art supplies, wishing the kit was smaller?

For art class or for painting outside, every time you leave the studio you have to find a way to pack the whole business, and the long brushes that are so obvious in the studio suddenly become a problem.

I've seen sawed-off brushes, and all kinds of improvised solutions packed in big, cumbersome boxes.

When I started painting outdoors I realized that I had no choice, the equipment had to be kept to a minimum.

I'm petite, I can't carry a huge painting easel and climb with it on the rocks of Dor Beach or the Dead Sea.

So I went to visit the friends at the Rekab workshop in Ma'alot.

I asked them, could you make the same brushes but with a short handle?

The first answer was - no.

And Then, They Figured Out the Handles

It took a few months, but here they are :)

Two sets of brushes, one set of five natural bristle brushes, and one set of five synthetic Taklon brushes, in the quality level professional painters expect.

They easily fit into a 25 cm box, and in an assortment of sizes and shapes that allows you to draw a complete painting, from the big shapes to the small details.

Now available directly on this website! Check them out

Spring is just around the corner - order now so you have them ready when you want to go out and paint!

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