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Catching Up

Life has settled into a semblance of routine, and I'm catching up on a backlog of orders.

A heat wave makes it impossible to paint outdoors, so I'm in the studio, finishing up paintings from photos I took on site as I painted the starts in the field.

Etika's Garden - No. 2

Oil painting of a front garden with irises
Etika's Irises

I first painted Etika's back yard with the old cow shed and it went easy.

This one however, of the front of the house, became a sort of a storytelling collage of important elements in the garden's history, and took some figuring out.

Note the blue spider gate, and the Irises, which are quite famous in Binyamina :)

I painted a color sketch on location when it was all in full bloom. Now the heat has dried everything, but the flowers are commemorated in oil paint.

Michaeli's Car Shop

an oil painting of a car shop
Michaeli's car shop

I had a flat tire and went to Michaeli's Car Shop to get a pair of new wheels.

While I was there, I offered to paint the shop as part of the 100 paintings series, and they were happy to participate.

I came back a few days later, in the midst of a horrible allergy attack, but I really wanted to do the painting.

I set up at the coffee table off to the side, Eyal made me a mint tea (it is a village!), and I painted the shop.

I enjoyed it immensely! Who knew garages were so full of color?

I also loved the bit of green woods showing through the big doors.

Join the 100 Paintings Project!

If you like this series you can support the project for only 25NIS, and receive a postcard set when it's done, as well as regular updates of new paintings :)

This is part of the 120 years celebration for Giv'at Ada, as well as 100 years for Binyamina, and a chance to get your favorite spot commemorated :)

You can also follow the project and purchase one of the originals for only 250NIS! Contact me for the painting that tugged your heartstring <3

The Binyamina paintings are on display and for sale at the Art& Design Gallery in Binyamina

See you at the... airconditioned studio, I guess!

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