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One Cloud

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Yesterday on the way back home this lone cloud hovered over Zikron Yaakov, and below it stretched a very green wheat field.

ציור שמן של ענן בודד מעל שדה ירוק בשקיעה. נטע כנפי
A lone cloud over a wheat field, oil on panel

I usually don't paint so abstractly.

And it's not that easy! I wiped off the first try and started again because it didn't work.

סקיצה בעיפרון לציור ענן מעל זיכרון יעקב
A pencil sketch from memory, with this morning's coffee

As it turned out, the wiping provided me with a beautiful, rich gray background to work on.

The pink-orange imprimatura pops here and there through the grays and adds a warm light to the painting.

Oil on panel, 30x40 cm.

This painting is available :)

To purchase it, please contact me.

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