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Sketches for Painting Cypress Trees on Road Six

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

It is entirely drawn from memory. When I'm on the go, I draw in my head. I take pictures with the eyes, and practice remembering what I saw. When driving on Road 6 from north to south there is a section of steep hills before Kfar Daniel (Ben Shemen interchange). I wait for them:

The road cuts through the hills and on either side is the softest landscape in the world, rolling hills covered with low grass, round bushes and pinkish-grey stones.

In the sections you can see the layers of the limestone rock, pink and yellow and white, and rusty.

Now, on the rock ledge in one of the cuts, two cypresses are growing.

The thin and narrow kind.

Two dark stripes on a light landscape background.

I painted them in my imagination, more than once.

I wrote down everything I could remember in a notebook, and here, I finally drew them.

Oil on panel, 30x40 cm.

This painting can be yours :)

Its price is 580USD,

To purchase please contact me.

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