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Studying the Colors of the Desert

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

One of the most beautiful landscapes I know is that of the Beit Kama area in the north of the Negev, in the season when the fields are reddish brown, the bushes are dark green and the peaks of the Judean Mountains are purple-blue on the horizon.

I tried to draw it from memory, and I did remember the colors, but I needed help with the shapes.

The problem is that I usually see this view while driving, and I don't have good photos of it.

I found a wonderful photo on the net of Bitronot Ruhama, not far from Beit Kama, credit to Yaakov Shkolnik.

I don't like to copy pictures and I almost never do it, but this time I wanted to learn the shapes of the desert, and practice mixing colors, so for educational purposes I painted this picture in oil on plywood.

Here are the reference image, the palette with the mixes, and stages in the painting:

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