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100 Starts: 7-9

So! Winter is not helping at all.

It's like it had no intention of showing up at all this year but when I decided to go and paint outdoors every day Winter went, like, Hey, here I am! Sorry, I got stuck in traffic over the Greece!

Anyway, I still managed to get three in this week, here they are:

By request, No. 7 and 8 are of the Binyamin Synagogue in Binyamina:

Oil painting Plein Air , Binyamina Synagogue
No. 7, Binyamin Synagogue

Binyamina Synagogue at sunset, Oil painting
No. 8, Binyamina Synagogue at sunset

Plein air oil painting on paper, bird of paradise flowers
No 9, Bird of Paradise at the Pond

Hopefully better weather next week!

You can also follow the series as it unfolds daily on Instagram :)

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