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100 Starts: no. 3 to 6

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

100 paintings-starts Challenge update:

Most days I get up early enough, get the gear, find a spot within a few minutes walking distance and paint.

Winter has made an appearance and so one day I just stood under the garage roof and painted the loquat tree, and the day next was really bad and I skipped a day.

You can follow the daily updates on my Instagram account, or wait for the weekly summery in the Studio Updates Newsletter :)

Here are this week's efforts:

No. 3 was really fun, I loved how it all looks like a big bouquet:


No. 3 Pink blossoms are back!

Had a technical fail with No. 4 here; I ran out of the Fabriano Oil paper and painted on canvas instead, but I taped it with the wrong side up!

Couldn't understand why it was so absorbent and the paint won't spread on properly. This is where I left it, to fight another day.

No. 4 Under the net

No. 5: Back to standing in full sunlight. i got there early enough to catch the shadow pattern of the nets on the gravel road:

No. 5 Shadow patterns

No.6: A rainy day. Stood under the garage roof and painted the loquat tree with the derelict little car parked under it.

Had only warm tones on my pallet, I should have though of replacing the primaries with their cooler version. Next winter then LOL

No. 6, Loquat tree with car in the rain.

Next week I will be painting in the neighboring town, Binyamina, and maybe this little exercise will become an Art Project in its own right!

Stay tuned :)

Would you like to have one of these sketches?

They are available for the modest price of 65USD (Shipping not included).

If so, please contact me :)

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